Hidden History Topics

The Hidden History Project is an on-going effort of the Historical Society of Morro Bay (HSMB). Its purpose is to research people, places and events that help to reveal the history of Morro Bay that has faded from view, and sometimes from memory.

In Spring 2019, Professor Sean Green of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, offered to have his writing students draft hidden history stories on topics identified by HSMB. Each group of about four students chose a topic, and with minimal input from HSMB set about researching and writing about Morro Bay's history.

These stories are listed below and linked to the students' work. Our plan is to use these drafts as the basis for Hidden History entries and for interpretive panels we will locate around town.  For an overview, you can click on the PDF on the left to see all the topics we had as of April 2019 (always subject to adding!).  If YOU want to research and write about one of these topics, let us know!

These papers have not been edited by HSMB. We are impressed by the quality of these little papers, and by the work they evidently required. Our aim is to give the students the credit they deserve, both now, and in potential future versions of these stories as they transform into longer forms and interpretive panels.

Thanks to Sean and all the students for helping us get closer to our goal of a comprehensive Hidden History tour of the city.

Hidden History Stories by Sean Green's students in April-May 2019:

Amphibious Training Base, 1941 - 1947.  By Kristin Deming, Lauren Ann Martin, Christopher Alan-Ching Barber, and Tyler K. Lian.

Artists' Colony of Morro Bay.  By Sarah Kate Pickering, Jehlia Arriola, Kyle Dylan Share, and Jonathan Li.

Discovery and Conquest: Colonization by the Spanish.  By D'Angelo Reyes, Kanan Karimli, Parth Ray, and Ethan Stroh.

Abalone's Rise and Fall and its Effects on Central Coast Communities. By Shane Kaikea Leomana Alayvilla, Nate Ryan Ball, Crystal V. Ipong, and Justin Abbott Feinfield.

The Rise and Fall of Commercial Fishing in Morro Bay. By Jenny Liu, Anna Pham, Zachary Tyler Stednitz, and Elaine Sabine Pranadjaya.

How the Construction of Highway One Affected Morro Bay. By Amogha Sarang, Jarod Zialu Morris, Reid Berke, and Andrew Michael McCombs.

The Story of Joe Giannini. By Riley Smith, Carly Tudor, Blake Thomas, Eric Cortes, and Gianna Cianfichi.

Happy Jack's Bar. By John Walter Takiff, Sophie Claire Moffatt, Sophia Victoria Jessum, and Pearse Lipscomb.

Old 5th Street: The 1900's Morro Bay Boulevard.  By J'Nai Lawrence, Kaitlyn Renee Anderson, Bryce Washburne Campbell, and Eli Greenberg.

The Quonset Huts of Morro Bay. By Hannah rose Martin, Riley Alexander Mete, Lauren Marie Zaragoza, and Alex Boyko Petrov.

Foundations from the Past: The History of Downtown Morro Bay. By Bart Bartholomew Ilg, Jordan Duy Nguyen, Michael Joseph Sitar, and Kyle Christopher Pearson.

History Underneath Your Feet:  Excavations Near the Morro Bay Power Plant. By Aidan Patrick McCoy, Nick Ryan Dion, Georgia Ann Holmes, and Justin Slavick.

Measure D and Its Impact on Commercial Fishing in Morro Bay. By Jason Patrick Foster, Bridget Ann Millsap, Josue Pereyra, and Mawell Aleander Krueger.

Sportfishing in Morro Bay, 1950 to Present. By Michelle Barnett, Catherine Farlee, and Tim Matista.

Standard Oil and Estero Bay. By Jeffrey Shieh, Anna Frauenheim, Brandon Tat, and Gary Huarng.

A Record of the Nagano Family and Their Upbringings in Morro Bay. By Autumn Brooke Rexford, Grant Smith, Abdullah Sulaiman, Luca Cobeaga, and Dana Choy.