The Hidden History Project

Humans have lived in Morro Bay for thousands of years. But since the coming of Europeans, it has been developed and re-developed in more rapid waves of change. Often, development remade places to cause their previous uses—and meaning—to disappear. The Project aims to uncover and preserve this hidden history for future residents and visitors, strengthening both community and tourism in the process.

The Morro Bay Hidden History Project is a volunteer effort to research, summarize and display crucial episodes of Morro Bay’s history in public places. It is an educational project intended to help residents and visitors better understand this unique local place.

The Project will create an open-air museum that links the past to the present visually on high-quality, well-designed interpretive panels (about 2’X 3’), providing an explanation for where we have been and why we are the way we are now.

The past is sometimes right there in front of you if you know how to look.

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