A Historic Preservation Ordinance for Morro Bay

Morro Bay does not have an historic preservation ordinance and therefore fails to reap the benefits of one. The recent General Plan Update included a section that made the development of an historic preservation process a Goal.  One of the first steps in the process is to adopt an historic preservation ordinance.

We have some buildings and places worth preserving. Our approach does not force any owner into giving away property rights, but it does focus on the issue and aims to provide incentives for people who have historic buildings to help to save them, and preserve the historic stories they represent.

In 2018 and 2019, a dedicated team of local volunteers with the Historical Society met repeatedly to draft an ordinance to present to the City. We know that City staff time is stretched, and they would ordinarily have had to hire an outside consultant to do this. We decided to save the taxpayers some money and also jumpstart the process to get going.

COVID interrupted our work, but in November 2020 we finally delivered a complete draft to the City.  The Planning Commission subsequently recommended using the draft as the basis for an ordinance as a high priority goal. The City Council did not respond to that recommendation.

We know that the City will want to review, amend and evaluate any ordinance that will have the force of law. This is as it should be.  But the key thing is to get started and get it done.
Please advocate with your City Council to push this forward.
Attached are two documents from November 2020 to summarize our process and the draft ordinance.